Western Australia rejects Lynas waste, says meetin

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Published the Wed Aug 31, 2022 11:19 am
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The Western Australian (WA) state government has refused to take back 450,000 tonnes of radioactive waste stockpiled at Lynas Corp’s rare earths processing plant in Kuantan, Pahang.
Minister of Mines and Petroleum Bill Johnston has written to the Malaysian government explaining why WA won’t accept the waste from the Australian rare earth metals producer and has insisted that his government won’t budge, according to the Australian Financial Review.
Johnston is scheduled to meet Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Yeo Bee Yin on June 20.
“They have asked for the meeting, that is up to them,” he was quoted in the Australian Financial Review.
“Obviously our position is very clear. We won’t take processed residuals from anywhere in the world.
“We are a massive exporter of raw materials and when they are processed overseas, they need to be dealt with overseas.”