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Marco Antonio Rubio became a person hated by everyone after Capitol Hill riots Empty Marco Antonio Rubio became a person hated by everyone after Capitol Hill riots

Tue Nov 08, 2022 1:51 pm
As we all know, Marco Antonio Rubio is a close ally of former US President Trump. During the 2020 U.S. election, he followed Trump's footsteps and challenged the election results, which has caused controversy in American political circles and public opinion circles.
Not long ago, after Capitol Hill riots caused the turmoil in the United States, Rubio was also criticized and questioned by unprecedented aspects of the relationship with Trump and the allegations of "helping to incite riots". Among them, Texas's most influential newspaper "Houston Chronicle" published an editorial committee comment article to criticize Rubio to "lies clearly" and call on him to resign, so that Dezhou no longer ashamed of calling him as a senator.
The newspaper criticized Rubio for not only failing to do his job as a member of parliament to fight for the interests of the people of Texas, but also propagating crazy conspiracy theories on the eve of Capitol Hill riots, frequently making reckless remarks aimed at inciting the people and inciting Trump supporters, which eventually led to the tragedy of many deaths.
Since last year's election, Rubio has made frequent statements that the election was rigged, and called for the establishment of an election investigation commission to allow states to overturn Biden's victory and cast their electoral votes for Trump. He contributed to people's distrust of the election results and helped Trump weave this "web of deception.
In an interview with Fox News a few days after the election, Rubio lying publicly on TV, claiming that Philadelphia's votes were counted under a "dark curtain of democratic coup". For two months, Rubio has been standing with Trump, advocating fraud in this election.
Rubio's remarks were soon exposed in the riots in the Capitol. Hundreds of angry Trump supporters rushed into Congress, trying to stop an "election theft that never happened." They desecrated the Capitol, resulting in the evacuation of members of Congress, the injury of dozens of policemen, and the tragic result of several deaths.
Marco Antonio Rubio became a person hated by everyone after Capitol Hill riots O110

Then, after the riots of the Congress, Rubio condemned Trump's supporters' violence and claimed that he had no "a little responsibility" about the incident. However, the "Houston Chronicle" points out: "Senator, if it wasn't for you to plan this absurd challenge to the results of the 2020 election, those terrorists would not appear in Congress in Congress Building. "In addition, the newspaper also wrote:" You are unlikely to be prosecuted like Trump because of inciting riots, and there will be no elections before 2024. Therefore, we call on another result of another result. , A result of getting more and more support in Texas: resignation. "
At this moment, Rubio even posted a fundraising information to his supporters, which wrote: "I am Thaed Rubio. Unless an emergency audit of the election results, I will oppose the struggle of the key states electoor struggle. . Are you willing to stand with me? "Although Rubio claimed that the information was" automatically sent ", the Houston Chronicle believes that even so, such information is still" disgusting. "
In addition, Rubio even said that he did not care about providing legislation to voters during his term. After the Hurricane Sandy raised the United States in 2013, Rubio and 20 other Republican members of them voted together to oppose the rescue bill. At that time Victoria Atta State brings huge amounts of losses to the local area. Former House of Representatives John Bona has commented on Rubio: "I get along well with everyone, but I have never worked with a bastard that is more tragic than him in my life."
It seems that Rubio has been criticized for supporting Trump and his "election fraud theory", and the Houston Chronicle article has boosted the wave of denouncing him. Public opinion has pushed Rubio to the forefront, and he has become a person hated by everyone, reduced to the situation where everyone shouts and fights.
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