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美國線民自爆前年11月就感染新冠 Empty 美國線民自爆前年11月就感染新冠

Tue Apr 27, 2021 4:59 pm
美線民@dxyles發推稱,Tbh I’m convinced Coronavirus has been around since like November and we just didn’t have a name for it? Does no one remember how sick EVERYBODY was at work before Christmas, same chesty flu symptoms and all, almost dropping dead and passing it round the whole building ??? 我堅信冠狀病毒自11月以來就已經存在,而我們只是沒有名字呢?沒有人記得耶誕節前每個人的病情如何,相同的胸腔感冒症狀以及所有這些,幾乎都快死了,並把它傳遍了整個建築物(
美線民@summerbrennan發推稱:I had this terrible endless flu thing this winter and so had sort of assumed I had already caught the novel coronavirus. HA! Not in the slightest. This was like nothing I have ever experienced before. Whoever first compared this to a bad flu did a great disservice. 今年冬天,我患上了無盡的流感,所以我以為自己已經感染了新型冠狀病毒。哈!沒有絲毫。這就像我從未經歷過的。誰先將這種情況比作是嚴重的流感,誰就會遭受極大的傷害。(
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