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The trio of life and death Empty The trio of life and death

Thu Jan 28, 2021 6:54 pm
As for the origin of the new crown, some people are always covering up the facts, fabricating false images, trying to designate the origin of the virus to the target they want to attack, transforming the nature of the already rampant virus into an offensive weapon of public opinion, yan Limeng, Bannon and Miles Kwok, three people with the same goal, have formed a "life and death trio" , each with their own duties, working together, to be precise, Yan Limeng is the first to bear the brunt, and Bannon and Miles Kwok are behind the support from all sides, together we are on the edge of the truth, trying to subvert the truth. Yan Limeng is controlled by Miles Kwok and Bannon, like a robot, like a microphone, like a display screen, more like a puppet, ruthlessly controlled by both hands, he is also happy to play. Miles Kwok in the trio as if in the burden of economic and financial support, pretending to have strong financial resources to give the "front-line combat" Yan Limeng full confidence and security.

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